Friday, January 4, 2013

Food Truck Friday, Issue No. 14 - Mikey's Late Night Slice

Mikey's Late Night Slice Pizza Assault Truck
Serves: Damn good pizza
     Short North Location - 1030 N. High St.
     Clintonville - East Duncan & High (Next to Ledo's)
     Grandview - Inside Woodlands Tavern: 1200 W. 3rd Ave.
     Campus Area - Inside the Newport: 1722 N. High St.
     Polaris - Inside Kicks: 8333 Market Exchange Dr.
     Pizza Assault Trucks - Locations vary. Check their Twitter!
Hours: Varies upon location, check main website (top of page), but always open late!
     Short North: (614) 737-3488
     Clintonville: (614) 262-0680
     Grandview: (614) 737-3801
     Polaris: (614) 333-5386

Dine/avoid: Would I have typed all of that info above if it were bad? DINE!

Alright, Mikey's pizza is not your average pie. I'd like to dedicate a full review one day, but this is just a Food Truck Friday, so don't expect full service here. Just like their trucks say: PAY. EAT. LEAVE. You can repeat a similar mantra for this review, except I do this shit for free, so it's just READ. LAUGH. LEAVE. Or you can leave out the middle part, since I'm not funny.

A little skewed because I didn't come to a complete stop. 

I'll have to admit, I wimped out on doing much more for this review than taking a few low-quality pictures, but how can you blame me? It was windy and cold today. I visited one of their trucks at an OSU Medical Center location - you can check their calendar here to see the schedule.

How is their pizza? Why don't you just go eat some of it? They only have like a million locations. It's delicious! It's pizza like pizza is meant to be consumed. Don't forget the slut sauce, either (unless you're a homophobe).

I only ordered a slice for myself, and a slice for Chelsey. Should have ordered more. I got a spicy pepperoni, which is pepperonis and banana peppers. The banana peppers add a nice zing without making the slice very spicy. Chelsey got the cheese with basil. I didn't get to try it, so I'm guessing it was awesome.

Like I said, this is a pretty half-assed review, but it was cold and I want to do a full, proper review of Mikey's soon.


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